Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Vulture information Centre in Rakitna has over hosted three hundred visitors for the last four months

Vulture information Center was established within “LIFE for Kresna gorge” in the village of Rakitna. Now it works for raising public awareness for wildlife problems and conservation actions. What is more, it provides opportunity for establishment of various entrepreneurships from local people- Horse riding around Rakitna, horse and card safari to the Chapel of St. Ilia., jeep safari in the Pirin Mountains, birdwatching tour around Rakitna selling of produced food and staffs.

Usually tourists visit also the Wildlife center of Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna to observe and photograph fallow deer and vultures from a close distance or have a coffee and relaxation on the terrace of Villa fauna and enjoy the picturesque view.

LIFE for Kresna gorge” provides free advertise for each business initiative at villages of Mechkul and Brejani, which is not a threat for wildlife.

The former coal mining village of Brejani with its big stone church “St. Dimitar Solunski”, guesthouse “Spasitelna” and fresh bread from the local bakery.

Village of Mechkul with its historic monumental Church of St. Petar and Pavel, ancient Black poplar and the Chapel of St. Mina.