Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Vulture Expert’s Meeting in Uvac Gorge

The Uvac Gorge in Serbia hosted a Vulture Expert Meeting, which has gathered conservationists from Bulgaria (Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna), Serbia (Birds of Prey Protection Foundation and NP Uvac Reserve), Croatia (Griffon- Birds of prey conservation society) and Greece ( Forestry Service of Ioannina). It is the place of the largest nesting Griffon Vulture colony on the Balkans of 210 breeding pairs. In 2017, about 130 chicks were fledged.

The Uvac vulture colonies supply and support those in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece. Many “Serbian” immature vultures migrate through Kresna Gorge and visit Vrachanska Mountain reintroduced colony in Bulgaria.

Fortunately the Serbian state institutions take care of Uvac colony, which explains the rapid growth of the Griffon vulture population from 30-40 pairs in 1980 to 210 pairs nowadays.

Members of the Balkan meeting have discussed common activities and exchanged experience from conservation of vultures on Western Balkans. They all celebrated the International Vulture Awareness Day.