Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Update from Griffon vultures in Kresna Gorge

Our new Kresna Gorge Griffon vulture colony had spent the summer high in Pirin Mountain. Surprisingly, the transhumant cattle and sheep herds have been moved to Pirin National Park and succeeded to feed the vulture’s group for three months. Independent survival of vultures for such a long period is a great success for FWFF.


A record-breaking number of 50 Griffon Vultures was observed at once in Kresna Gorge in October. This is the highest number of individuals observed at once since the beginning of the reintroduction of the species in the area in 2010. The previous records were from the same time last autumn – 47 and from the spring of this year – 47 + 2 incubating = 49.

Usually in November start the long-distance autumn movements of immature vultures. As a result we observe different guests from overall Balkan Peninsula e.g. a vulture ringed B2C in Vrachanska Mountain, a vulture tagged in Eastern Rodopi called 3A, as well as others from Serbia and Croatia. These days we have a record of 54 vultures at the feeding site of Rakitna.