Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Two adult Egyptian Vultures in Kresna Gorge

On 14.07.2016 for the first time in 2016 there were observed two subadult Egyptian Vultures in Kresna Gorge. The birds were duly photographed by Hristo Peshev/FWFF. Up to now about 30 tones of food was provided to FWFF’s vulture restaurant in Kresna Gorge.

After Municipality of Simitli administration had asked for FWFF partnership in officially deposition of all the carcass from the farms on the vulture’s feeding site, the next came the Municipality of Kresna, which requested for this service too.

We use the chance to remind you that two Egyptian Vultures are also still present at the FWFF’s vulture restaurant in Kotel.