Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

The 2016 annual bearded vulture meeting

An annual conference of experts on this species, organised by the VCFtook place in the Hohe Tauern National Park, gathering 80+ conservation managers, researchers, scientists, vulture lovers and government officials from more than 10 countries.

Fund G.b.for Wild Flora and Fauna was represented by Emilian Stoynov and Dr. Atanas Grozdanov. Our partner organization Green Balkans was represented by Ivailo Klisurov and Ivelin Ivanov.

During the meeting – co-organised with the Hohe Tauern National park, participants exchanged the latest news from the different projects, and planned new activities and conservation strategies.

The meeting confirmed that the bearded vulture populations and range in western Europe is recovering, not the least because of all the reintroduction projects coordinated by the VCF – in the Alps there are now 43 established territories, and this year saw a record number of fledglings in the wild – 25! The meeting also celebrated the first release of bearded vultures in the Austrian Alps, exactly 30 years ago, and the pioneers that started this great project then. Our team has presented an attractive poster, designed by Hristo Peshev, reminding the first successful ex-situ breeding of bearded vulture ever, had happened 100 years ago at Sofia Zoo.

Fortunately, in 2016 the first two Bearded Vultures in Bulgaria were hatched in the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans for the past 60 years.

FWFF/Green Balkans team was there to insist of “green light” for reintroduction process of bearded vulture in Bulgaria. There is already a Viability study prepared for Bulgaria, as well as a National Action Plan for bearded vulture.