Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Successful breeding season for Griffon vultures in Vrachanski Balkan

The results from the 2018 breeding season of Griffon vultures in Nature Park Vrachanski Balkan, located in Western Balkan Mountain, show 9 hatched chicks. Bad weather in March caused 5 more pairs to fail in nesting.

In midst of May 2018, the monitoring team counted 5 successful nesting pairs in the north part of the Park and 4 in the east part.

Meanwhile, the reconstruction of vulture’s adaptation aviary has finished. Additional perches, wooden paths and a larger door have been mounted inside.

We are observing interesting translocations of vultures. Recently have being released in Eastern Balkan Mountain, 56, 1Х and К9Н are now being identified on the feeding site in Vrachanski Balkan.

Reintroduction of vultures in Vrachanski Balkan is a long-term project of Birds of prey Protection Society and it is a part of LIFE 14/NAT/BG/ 649 The Bright Future of Black Vulture of FWFF and Green Balkans. The project is launched in collaboration and supported by the Administration of Nature Park Vrachanski Balkan.