Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Sixteen Griffon vultures have died so far from electrocution in Eastern Balkan Mountain

Dangerous powerlines in Eastern Balkan mountain, which are maintained by EVN Bulgaria Distribution Company, eventually took the sixteenth victim from Griffon vulture colony. K92 is a vulture has been found electrocuted on 6th April 2018 under a pole from EVN 20kV  Kipilovo powerlines. A signal bought FWFF team to the next victim- K7M on 7th May 2018 under the 110 kV powerlines, just next to the very dangerous 20 kV Ticha line. The emblematic male Griffon vulture K6C, a partner in the first nesting pair in Central Balkan Mountain after decades in extinction, has been electrocuted on 28th April 2018. К92, К6С and  К7М were imported for the reintroduction program in the Balkan Mountain from Spain in 2013 and 2014.

Part of the electric poles had been reported as very dangerous to EVN Company in the official correspondence, where our team declared a readiness to buy and provide EVN local team with all the isolation materials needed to be installed.

FWFF team has met EVN representatives on 19th April and negotiated agreement for recent safeguarding of piles- killers of Ticha and Kipilovo powerlines. The works are foreseen to start soon.

Every delay would cause more causalities among griffon vultures thus pose a serious threat to the fragile new colony in Kotel Mountain

!!!The Problem    

Large raptors frequently fall prey to non-safeguarded pylons. The electrocuted bird dies on the spot or is severely damaged, and the power supply along the line is discontinued, causing discomfort to the customers too. This is why poles safeguarding is important for protection of the birds and is of economic significance for the companies and for the public.

The most dangerous poles are being mapped by out teams who have detailed knowledge of the vultures’ lives. All this is followed by the actual isolation work in collaboration with the distribution company. The work is carried out by repairmen using special equipment.  Recently Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna has collaborated to the local electricity providing company CEZ in order to safeguard very risky electric pylons in Kresna Gorge.  Special plastic insulators are positioned in the place, where the conductors are closest to the tip on which the birds perch, to prevent electrocution caused by the vulture touching the conductors with its enormous wings and shorting to the earthed part of the pylon. This labor intensive work is performed on each dangerous pylon along the power lines, at great cost.