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Six Griffon vulture chicks hatched in Kotel Mountain

Another record in numbers of successfully hatched Griffon vultures in Kotel Mountain- six baby birds were observed in the nests. Actually it is 100% of the laid eggs. FWFF team has tagged and ringed the oldest baby, the first ever tagged Griffon vulture born in the Balkan Mountain. The other five babies are still weak for tagging.

To remind that Griffon vulture got extinct from Balkan Mountains in 70s of XX century. A reintroduction has started from Kotel in 2003, when the first zoo birds were transported to the new-build aviary on the back yard of Kotel Natural history museum. Once got adult these some of these birds delivered the first ever nesting of Griffon vultures in Balkan Mountain since extinction. A group of Balkan NGO and institutions have launched Balkan Vulture Action Plan in 2002. With the financial support of Frankfurt Zoological Society and DBU, having our NGO partners- Green Balkans and BPPS, our teams have started preparation conservation actions toward reintroduction of vultures. Thanks to the LIFE+ Program of EU, in the frame of Return of Vultures LIFE08 NAT/BG/000278 we have started transportation, adaptation and releasing of birds, as well as establishing of new colonies. In 2015 our partnership went on with another project called Bright future for Black vulture LIFE14 NAT/BG/000649 aims to recover of the other vulture species on the Balkans.