Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Simultaneously Black vultures in Kresna Gorge and Kotel Mountain

6.06.2016 At the same time two FWFF teams in Kresna Gorge and Kotel Mountain are doing observations of Black vultures near the feeding sites. The inspiring views prove the great importance of supplementary feeding for vultures not only for reintroduced birds, but increasingly for wild vultures. Staying for days or months near the feeding sites, they could rely on safe and abundant food and a company of Griffon vulture new colonies.

On June 5th Lachezar Bonchev- FWFF coordinator in Kotel within Vultures Back to LIFE14/NAT/BG/649 managed to shoot three vulture species on one photo, has used a photo trap. Meanwhile he has observed simultaneously two Egyptian vultures on the feeding site. Hristo Peshev- FWFF project assistant within LIFE11 NAT/BG/363 for Kresna Gorge took a great picture of Black vulture in flight.

More frequent observations and presence of wild Black vultures on the two sites reveals the great potential of the regions and suggests for fluent process towards and good results from the forthcoming reintroduction of Spanish Black vultures, to be started in 2018 within FWFF and Green Balkan project for Vultures Back to LIFE14/NAT/BG/649.