Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Prototype GPS/GSM transmitter is being in use for tracking Griffon vulture

GPS/GSM transmitter was specially produced for LIFE for Kresna Gorge by a Lithuanian company.Here are provided pictures of the new prototype of a new transmitter that is now being under test for tracking Griffon Vultures.

Just recently under FWFF advise and request from our projects LIFE for Kresna Gorge and Bright Future for the Black Vulture (in Bulgaria), the Ornithela company developed a new patagial tag for vultures. We received the first device and already have deployed it to a newly released Griffon Vulture. 

Our aim is to develop a least problematic device prior to the start of releases of Eurasian Black Vultures in Bulgaria under the Bright future for Black Vulture project, which is scheduled for 2018. 

 We would like to encourage those who are working with vultures tracking to test this newly developped tag. It is not brand new in terms of a way of attachement (it is used for years now in Condors in USA and South America), but it is a bit sophisticated version, made with new technology (3D printing) and very small 53x56x32 mm (but only 12 mm over rthe wing) and light wighted – 33 gr.