Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Prevention is Better Than Cure

FWFF is offering people the chance to own their own part of the pristine Bulgarian mountain! 

As part of this exciting new initiative FWFF is appealing to people all over the world to donate money to a project which aims to preserve the fully intact eco-system of Kotel Mountain in the Stara Planina Mountains of Eastern Bulgaria.

After decades of inappropriate management, many European conservation projects dedicated to the restoration of natural habitats end up being lost. However, we believe that we currently have a huge opportunity to save the wildlife thriving in this special part of Bulgaria.

  • The main aim of this project is to buy as much land as possible around Kotel mountain while prices are still cheap to ensure the incredible biodiversity of the area is protected for ever. But WE MUST ACT NOW, since Bulgaria was accepted into the EU the cost of land has been constantly increasing as well as the rate of inappropriate developments which threaten the mountain habitats. There is only a small window of opportunity left to protect the area before it is developed and before it becomes too expensive to acquire the necessary lands 
  • The eco-system of Kotel Mountain is still incredibly biodiverse as it hasn’t suffered any of the development which is all too common in W Europe. It supports 81 bird species classed as being endangered in Europe of which the following 8 are globally threatened with extinction; Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Semi-collared flycatcher, Corncrake, Saker Falcon, European Roller and Pallid Harrier 
  • The area also supports many endangered mammal species such as the Bear, the Wolf, Chamois, Susliks and the lesser Mole-rat. Countless other endangered reptiles, amphibians, plants (including several orchid species) and invertebrate species have also been recorded 
  • There is a real threat from unsuitable developments such as road building, wind farms, electricity pylons, quarrying and unsustainable forestry. These are all developments that have caused so much damage in W Europe but here we have an opportunity to prevent the damage being done. The pace of these developments is increasing all the time since the acception of Bulgaria into the EU 
  • By donating to the project you’ll allow FWFF to ensure the lands are not used for inappropriate development AND you’ll enable FWFF to begin appropriate management of the lands. FWFF plans to extend its current eco-farm operations in the area to restore the traditional grazing techniques including the transhumance to all of Kotel mountain 
  • The local community will also benefit as FWFF will support the farmers to continue the traditional agricultural practices and FWFF will support the training of young local shepherds so that these traditional grazing practices will not be lost and will continue well into the future

The cost of buying land in the area is still incredibly cheap by European standards with a decare (1/10th of a hectare or a quarter of an acre) costing just EUR 120 or GBP 90 which is why it is so important to buy land in the area now while it is still affordable.

FWFF has two ideas for funding the project:

First we appeal to people everywhere to donate what ever they can, ideally we would like people to donate EUR 120/ GBP 90 or multiples of that so that we can guarantee that we will be able to buy a decare of land. But we realize this is a lot of money for many people (no more so than here in Bulgaria) so any donations, however large or small will be gratefully received.

All donors to this project will receive a newsletter by e-mail two times a year for 3 years to keep you up to date with the project. Those who donate more than EUR 120 / GBP 90 have the option of receiving a paper copy and if anything important happens between newsletters we will of course send out an e-mail to keep you informed. If you still want to be kept up to date with the project after the 3 years you are of course more than welcome to keep receiving newsletters.

To donate today or for further information please contact FWFF Headquarters at +359/73-88-14-40 or via email at pirin(at)

Second we offer the exciting possibility for large donors to own their very own piece of land in the mountains of Bulgaria.

For donors who donate enough money to buy a hectare or more(EUR 1200+ / GBP 900+) we will offer you the chance to personally own the hectare(s) that you have donated the funds for. You will only be able to own the land on the condition that you sign a contract with FWFF that the area will be solely managed in the interest of wildlife and that all activities on the land must first be approved by FWFF, the acknowledged managers of the area.

All donors who participate in this scheme will receive a frameable certificate and will get detailed information on the wildlife and the management of their areas of land. You will be kept regularly up to date on the developments of your land through several newsletters a year (option of post or e-mail) and regular e-mail updates.

We also offer you the chance to have the area of land named in your honour or a name of your choice.

Donors who buy a large amount of land through this scheme (multiple hectares) also have the opportunity after full discussion with FWFF to use a small proportion of their land for their own uses such as the building of a suitable holiday home in fitting with the local area. This of course will only happen after extensive discussions with the FWFF team.

To donate today or for further information please contact FWFF Headquarters at +359/73-88-14-40 or via email at pirin(at)