Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Once again poison is killing wild and domestic animals near Blagoevgrad

On October 12th 2017, RIEW Blagoevgrad received a signal for poisoned wild boar, dogs and birds of prey between the villages of Dolno and Gorno Tserovo, Municipality of Blagoevgrad. A Commission was called and teams of RIEW, Ministry of Interior, Bulgarian Agency on Food Safety, Forestry Department and Fund for the Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF) reported immediately on the spot.

The commission visited a remote and inaccessible gorge and found remains of a wild boar, a freshly killed fox and a hunting dog. The local hunters also reported the finding of a bird of prey, yet the commission could not locate it. The gathering of several carnivores, found dead in a small area suggest poisoning. The dead animals were samples and the samples will be sent to a Spanish laboratory for toxicological analysis.

On Saturday, October 14 there was launched field investigation to search for more poison animals with the support of a trained dog, owned by Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds. Bars, as the dog is named, has found one more poisoned fox and the poison bait itself- a sheep, suspended from a tree.  We were told by local people for one more victim- a guarding dog.

After the case of poisoned and killed over 30 Griffon Vultures in Kresna Gorge in April this year, the Prosecutor’s Office and state authorities were approached. The poisoning site was located by the institutions and proven by the BAFS with laboratory toxicological analysis, specially conducted in a Spanish laboratory. We consider unacceptable that the State Prosecution is keeping silent for so long, not initiating proceedings against unknown perpetrator for the case in April, which is still on hold, despite the fact that the crime has been confirmed and proven by the BAFS.

The law provides for a very strict punishment for such a crime against nature once it is proven!

We will describe this (serial) case in detail and file it to the European Commission (DG Environment), which administers the Operation Programme Environment 2014-2020 and the LIFE Programme!

We are urging you not to use poison and report cases of poisoning! Poison does not select its victims and is dangerous for not only animals but also people!