Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

May is the month for nature education in Kresna Gorge

Everything wakes up in spring. It is already a tradition for Wildlife Center Rakitna to welcome more and more visitors in April and May. Usually students and teachers search for more outdoor lessons and nature lovers get out exploring wildlife. Kresna Gorge has always been an inspiration for those visitors.

The second and third graders  from the local school in the village of Krupnik have visited Wildlife Center Rakitna in groups and  made us believe that the local community isn’t indifferent to conservation of wildlife in Kresna Gorge. The high exploratory spirit of the kids helped them to discover different species like vultures, deer, ravens, tortoises, lizards, etc. FWFF was there to support.

Bulgaria celebrates May 24 as the day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture. Days before FWFF team and teachers from the local school have launched an outdoor lesson to introduce students from 6 and 7 grade to the rich wildlife and conservation activities.

Nine graders from Blagoevgrad and the keenest nature tourists of Traventuria Company spent hectic days in looking for orchids and song birds’ ringing activities. First and foremost, they were there to monitor and to love vultures!