Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Hi-tech vultures will spy on poisons in nature

In the framework of the against-poison activities in the “Vultures back to LIFE” project LIFE14NAT /BG/649, FWFF ordered 10 GPS/GPRS transmitters for Griffon Vultures. The idea is innovative and includes the recruitment of vultures-spies to search for poisonous baits. Tagged vultures will be monitored on-line and will deliver their location every 10 minutes to the project team. The places where birds stay for more than half an hour are checked on the ground. This was also a response to the prevention of cases such as the poisoning of almost the whole colony of the Griffon Vulture in the Kresna Gorge in March 2017. So far, six transmitters have been placed and few more will be placed in the next days. The first interesting news came on the second day when the two wild birds, equipped with transmitters from the FWFF team in the Kresna Gorge, roost overnignt on a cliff in the Republic of Macedonia, which, after a deliberate check by our colleagues, the “Aquila” Nature Conservation Association in the area turned out to be unknown so far colony of the species. Thus, another 3-4 breeding pairs were found and with the known population of the species in Macedonia the total is already 12-14 pairs. We remind that the vultures poisoning in the Kresna Gorge caused damage to the Macedonian population of the Griffon Vulture too, as some of the birds that died here were in the area on occasional visit.