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First ever tagged Griffon vulture chick in Kresna Gorge

The first hatched Griffon Vulture chick in Kresna Gorge was tagged and ringed by alpinist’s team. Two more are waiting because of still small bodies’ size.

We consider tagging of chicks as very important for tracking and monitoring current vultures’ movements and location. This is more and more possible with the increased European- Asian and Balkan vulture monitoring network of people and organizations. It helps us to take urgent reactions in case of birds in risk or to prevent threats. Eventually, more observation data will give us better feedback from vulture reintroduction process as a quite new conservation tool.

Griffon vulture reintroduction has been started in Kresna Gorge in 2009. It was pushed ahead by LIFE for Kresna Gorge LIFE11/NAT/BG/363 for the next years, supported by launching of various conservation efforts to protect birds of prey population. There came the good outcomes and three vulture chicks on the cliffs in 2016.