Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Female Griffon vulture from a breeding pair in Kotel is the new electrocution victim

FWFF team in Kotel has followed a signal for found dead Griffon vulture. What came out even worse was the fact this bird is the female K5R, which was breeding with the male K0H in 2016 and successfully have hatched a chick in Kotel Mountain, named after Juan Jose Artez- a vulture expert from Spain. Griffon vulture K5R had been imported from Spain and released in 2012 in Central Balkan Mountain. The chick was among one of the first we had as a result from 15 years hard work.

In 2016 the fledged chicks became 11 more. The results show the success of the project and put Griffon vulture in the group of “breeding species” in the three regions. The total number of breeding pairs was 25. Three months later one of the breeding females is dead…

It appears to be the thirty-third vulture victim of electrocution due to dangerous powerlines in Bulgaria since the beginning of reintroduction projects. This seems to be the strongest threat to birds of prey.

We hope the male vulture K0H will find another female for the breeding season 2017! The pylon- killer is a part of very risky power line passing through Urushki cliffs, which killed a large group of vultures last year. Although few pylons were isolated, there remains a long unsafe part of over 3 km in length passing through vast open area.

To safeguard the power lines is a duty to the local electricity providing company EVN, which demonstrates a will to do it, as 40 pylons are just planned to be improved in the region. In the frame of LIFE14/ NAT/BG/ 649 The bright future for black vulture project there will be isolated 170 pylons. We hope for better collaboration with EVN Company!

In 2015, Fund for wild flora and fauna and Green Balkans partnership went on with another project called Bright future for Black vulture LIFE14 NAT/BG/000649 aims to recover of the other vulture species on the Balkans.