Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Fallow Deer support Anti-Poison Campaign

Twelve Fallow Deer were transported from private collections to Kresna Gorge and Kotel Mountain to be released or bred in the sanctuaries of FWFF.  The action serves the LIFE 14/NAT/BG/ 649 The Bright Future of Black Vulture of FWFF and Green Balkans for returning of Fallow Deer in Vulture Save Areas to restore the balance between the large carnivores (bear, wolf, lynx and Jackals) and their natural food. In the last decades there is a rapid decline in the game populations’ number (deer species, chamois, etc.) due to illegal poaching. More and more large predators rely on attacks over the livestock. Farmers take revenge on carnivores and set illegally poison. The last result was over 30 Griffon vultures dead in April 2017.

The tragic case showed there wasn’t any influence on the Wolf population in Kresna Gorge, but instead, more than 60 scavenger birds- vultures, eagles and ravens have died from the poison.

We have a word of Local Hunter groups to give a chance to the new game species, and support its breeding and reproduction reaching the sustainable number.