Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Egyptian, Griffon and Black Vultures at the same time in Kotel

There are again three vulture species in Kotel. Out of the so far local population of Griffon Vultures, recently reached 47 birds, these days two Egyptian and a Black Vulture were present. Three of the nine nesting pairs were identified in Kotel Mountain.  Weak breeding result is due to bad weather in March.

We have received a signal from Greek colleagues a week ago about a Black vulture H9 from Dadia NP just came to Kotel. It has been observed by FWFF team perching on the acclimatization aviary. The transmitter showed the exotic route of the Black vulture in Balkan Mountain, since it visited the highest peak Botev and came back later to overnight three times in Kotel again.

The greatest challenge faced by vultures in Kotel Mountain is the dangerous powerlines Kipilovo and Ticha, which killed already the sixteenth bird. Our team launched a meeting with officials from EVN electric distribution company in April and the safeguarding of most dangerous piles was agreed.