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Dangerous Powerlines in Eastern Balkan Mountain have being safeguarded

Bright Future for Black Vulture has collaborated to the electricity providing company EVN in order to safeguard very risky electric pylons in Kotel Mountain just few days before Black vulture chicks are expected to fly away from the hacking platform. The pylon- killers is a part of very risky power line passing through Kotel Mountain, which has killed few Griffon vultures so far.

Dangerous powerlines in Eastern Balkan mountain, which are maintained by EVN Bulgaria Distribution Company, eventually took sixteen victims from Griffon vulture colony. The survival of Black vulture chicks was under huge risk too.

FWFF team has met EVN representatives on 19th April 2018 and negotiated agreement for recent safeguarding of piles- killers of Ticha and Kipilovo powerlines. The works are fact anymore. The insolation consumables were provide to EVN Company from the project Bright future for Black vulture   LIFE14 NAT/BG/000649, implemented by FWFF and Green Balkans. The EVN team has collaborated with expertise, technology and labour.