Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Current information about reintroduced Griffon vulture colonies in Bulgaria

16.05.2017 The local teams of Bright Future for Black vulture LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 from Fund for Wild Flora and fauna, Green Balkans and Birds of Prey Protection Society reported the current records:

NP Vrachanski Balkan (Vrachanska Mountain) – there are six active nests of Griffon vulture in total. Four chicks have been hatched already and they are being fed by the parents. The last are often seen to protect the chicks from the sun radiation using “wings umbrella”. Still two of the nests are unknown to be successful as they are too much hidden. Just on the cliff above the city of Vratsa there are two more nests. In conclusion, eight nests and six chicks are known so far.

Eastern Balkan Mountain– there are seven nesting pairs in Kotel Mountain, four chicks have been hatched. A Black vulture and two Egyptian vultures have been shot by the proto traps on the feeding site of FWFF in Kotel. One of the EV was observed here last year too. There are three vulture species in the area, where prior to 2008 were none for decades.

Kresna Gorge– ever since the fatal poison incident in March-April has happened, there have been no vulture breeding observed. Anyway there are 15 birds permanently present in the Gorge, as six of them, which have survived, are from the reintroduced vulture core. The other vultures are guests from neighbor Balkan colonies. Since February 2017 there are two observations of Black vulture on the feeding site.