Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Boyan and Ostrava have fledged from the hack. Riga is the next.

It is a great moment we experienced the day before yesterday (15.08.2018), when in the morning first Boyan (110 days old) and after that Ostrava (119 days old) have fledged from the hack in Kotel mountain after 22 days of hacking. They jumped from the nest and started walking and reached the highest point of the cliffs behind the hack. They stayed together and intensively were exercising wing beats. They spent the night on the ground. The same day a wild 3-4 years old Black Vulture appeared in the area. Yesterday, 16.08.2018 first Griffon and after that Egyptian and the Black Vulture tried to land next to them. They chased away all of them. Ostrava was driven to fly by a stray dog, while Boyan stand without flying. The two chicks lost each other from direct sight, but still are quite close.

This gave us the opportunity to set up Riga in the hack. And it was done successfully. The wild Black Vulture also tried to visit Riga.