Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

Again Griffon vulture chicks in Kresna colony

The Kresna vulture colony is being restored after the great tragedy had happened in April 2017. About 30 vultures were found poisoned in terms of two weeks all over the Gorge. Wildlife victims of illegal poisoning became more and more, including different species- foxes, wild boars, badgers and ravens. The toxic animals’ carcass was manipulated by FWFF team, which caused a high risk to our health too.
Over a year high energy of FWFF team has been put to restore the colony in Kresna Gorge. There are already 25 Griffon vultures constantly presenting in the Gorge in spring of 2018. Few days ago- the fourth successfully hatched chick in Kresna Gorge since the beginning of the reintroduction in 2010 was observed. To remind, the first one was in 2011, but has died later on, and two fledged vultures in 2016, which meant the restoration of Griffon vulture in Kresna Gorge/ Pirin Mountain was successful.
The chick vulture seems in excellent condition and it is being under the good cares of its parents.
Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna, Birds of prey Protection Society and Green Balkans provide great efforts to reintroduce both the griffon and black vulture species in Kresna gorge and Balkan Mountain within LIFE 14/NAT/BG/ 649 The Bright Future of Black Vulture . Activities towards enhancing the capacity of state institutions are being implemented for providing better control over illegal use of poisons to kill predators.
The project recruits vultures to search for poisonous baits. GPS/GPRS transmitters attached to captured birds in Kresna gorge turned them to “spy vultures”.