Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

About us

The Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF)
is a registered charitable organization dedicated to conserving the nature on the Balkans by meeting and respecting the needs of local communities. The organization has a sustainable approach to nature conservation. It seeks to find the best solution for all stakeholders thus securing the protection of the region’s special fauna and flora for generations to come.

FWFF is an associated member of PAN Europe (Pesticides Action Network Europe).

FWFF headquarters are in the town of Blagoevgrad in SW Bulgaria. FWFF also has branches in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, in central Bulgaria near its eco-farm as well as two branches in Macedonia.

The director of FWFF is Emilian Stoynov who has had a life long interest in wildlife and its conservation and has been actively protecting the wildlife of the Balkans for many years.

Want to volunteer on the farm?

*YOU Can Help the Eco Farm*

 We have an exciting new opportunity for people all over the world to own land in Bulgaria while at the same time helping to keen an important ecosystem intact.

Donations of any amount are urgently needed for this radical new project.

Please see Prevention Is Better Than Cure for more information